Account Service Internships

Account Service Internships

While the advertising internship responsibilities at 78Madison are quite a few in numbers, it is most important to keep in mind that interns have joined the agency to learn about advertising and marketing. To that end, it is important that the staff at 78Madison provide dedicated time and effort to teach each intern the key aspects of our industry, and to provide them with concrete counsel on tasks being performed.

Interns are responsible to do any and every task that is assigned to them by team members working in the advertising agency; they become part of the agency fabric and are an important part of the agency's culture. However, in the end, what an intern gets out of their experience will be up to them. While many tasks will be handed to them, each intern will be expected to carve out their own identity by being stepping out and inserting themselves into key activities of the company. This is part of the intern test; they can come, sit at their desk and wait for someone to call on them, or they can insert themselves into the pulse of the agency, asking to be involved, asking questions, asking for assignments.

Advertising Internship Responsibilities

  • All tasks asked of them by agency staff
  • Assist in the workflow of the day-to-day business of the agency
  • Answer phones
  • Assist in the development of formal client presentations, strategic briefs, marketing plans, etc.
  • Perform analysis of marketing and sales data, as appropriate
  • Seek and analyze competitor marketing and sales materials both on and offline
  • Provide support to social media efforts as needed
  • Attend internal meetings
  • Update schedules based on recommendations from account/project management team
  • Help to create weekly status updates based on completion of recent milestones, development task status and general weekly progress
  • Research potential new business opportunities, while also participating in new business development and Must be available for an informational interview upon request
  • And last, to be innovative! To observe the agency environment, the client roster, and to determine new ideas and concepts that might move business, any business, forward

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