Sprinting Toward Success
August 2018

I was combing through a recent study on motivation that revealed runners share six unique characteristics for success - which to me, can apply to our everyday workplace as well.

Runners possess an inherent belief that they can, and will, succeed. Don’t underestimate the power of positive thinking. In the workplace I strongly believe that if we approach tasks, challenges and hard work with a “can do” attitude, you’ll have much more success.

When runners need encouragement, they intentionally surround themselves with those who have the same passions – runners encourage other runners. Likewise, in business, surround yourself with those who are passionate about the things you do. If those around you don’t hold the same passion for your industry that you do, change the environment.

If a runner’s performance is not improving with training, they will seek out coaches or running partners who will push them. In business, seek out those who inspire you to be better. Never stop looking for opportunities to learn, grown and improve.

If a runner’s training schedule is affected by outside forces, such as inclement weather, they change the environment where they can train rather than using it as an excuse to take time off. If injured, they work other areas of their body as alternative training. In business, when something outside your control inhibits your goals, figure out how to pivot and move on. No excuses.

Runners are great at focusing on their unique strengths. Smart, of course. Unfortunately, too many businesses try to be all things to all people. Discover your unique strengths and understand your weaknesses and allow your strengths to empower you.

The goals of a runner become greater than their pain, and completing the race becomes vital. For business, be fearless in the pursuit of your goals, and allow nothing to distract you – through thick and thin.

By the way, I am not a runner – but I am close friends with many. My understanding is that marathon runners often say the hardest miles are the last five in their 26.2-mile quest. The adrenaline rush no longer masks their body’s fatigue, and the mind starts to play games. Yet once they cross the finish line, they contend that it’s an incredibly rewarding accomplishment. The countless hours they spent training to build endurance, improving and finishing the race are instantly validated.

Discovering what pushes runners past those last five miles, and what generates the determination to work through tortuous training, can help all of us harness the power of internal motivation, which is key to business success. I believe that internal motivation will increase productivity, maintain employee retention, help your business through difficult financial times and long hours, and assist you in dealing with tough customers. Always remember the runner’s mantra: Do a little more each day than you think you possibly can.

Any thoughts to add? Let us know. Until next time,

Joe Bouch
CEO 78Madison

78Madison is a full service marketing communications firm – advertising agency, located in Orlando – Altamonte Springs, Florida.