Consumer marketing professionals who retired 10 years ago would hardly recognize today’s marketing landscape:


  • ChatGPT – Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Extended Reality
  • Smartphones
  • Social marketing
  • The massive rise of Mobile
  • A world that’s Video crazy
  • Big Data – Analytics
  • The Metaverse
  • Voice Search
  • TikTok
  • A Cookieless future,
  • And more…

Can you imagine what things will be like in another 10 years, let alone next year? Yet here we are in the first half of 2023 with a dizzying array of choices, strategies, and tactics for reaching consumers and converting them into loyal repeat customers.

It’s a daunting task to stay ahead of the curve – particularly if you are a smaller company.

But a word of caution.

While the trend is definitely toward digital, know that it is not the BE-ALL and END-ALL. Multichannel marketing means using whatever means necessary to reach your customers – where, how, and when they want to be reached. Indeed, the power of “new school” media is strong, but don’t discount the fact that some time-tested “old school” tactics can still get the job done.

Today’s successful brands find the right combination to create effective marketing strategies and refine them on a regular basis. Also, they often lean on a blend of new and old school strategies/tactics – that work in concert with each other. And yes, we have witnessed a huge shift in companies jumping hook, line and sinker into the massively crowded digital world.

Digital works! And so does traditional!

Don’t be too fast on the trigger. Think through each decision and what will likely give you the greatest ROI.

Joe Bouch
CEO, 78Madison

78Madison is a full-service marketing communications firm – advertising agency – located in Winter Springs Florida (Orlando). Our agency is built on identifying marketing and business strategies that will benefit our clients most – innovating without fear. If it belongs in our client’s communications toolbox, then we will master it.

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