Here is a marketing truth: existing customers innately have more value than one that requires being won over. The fact is, you either have customers or prospects. One is committed to your brand, and one is not. Yet it feels like businesses continue to dedicate more time and attention to the notion of winning new...

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In the business and marketing world, we’ve all heard the phrase “sense of arrival”. It’s the portion of the overall customer journey that most companies are laser focused on. But is that really the best method by which to create a customer for life? When you think about it, there is not much that is...

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Be Bold

On the face of it, consumers spending less to cope with inflation doesn’t scream marketing opportunity. And it probably isn’t in terms of driving immediate results for many businesses. Yet if you examine the changes people are making, spending less is only part of the story. It’s also about changing established routines: shopping in new...

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Leverage Your Brand

When things are looking grim, there’s often a knee-jerk urge to move efforts to the lowest-hanging fruit. I’ve watched the same phenomena take place time after time for 40 years. When times are tough, there is always a race to performance advertising. It’s more measurable than brand marketing, drives immediate response and is easier to...

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