Recently we’ve been asked what Brand immersion is. In a sentence, Brand Immersion is the act of integrating your brand into your customer’s lifestyle – sort of what we are doing here with blogs.

Over the past few years, it has become evident that consumers show preference for brands that engage them on an emotional level. The overarching construct of brand immersion is creating content that people choose to experience. Provide your customers with the kinds of content that they find useful, stimulating, or entertaining. By providing this sort of content, you are encouraging your audience to interact with your brand on their own terms. This process allows a connection to form on a real level unparalleled by traditional advertising.

One of the best ways to immerse your customer in your brand is to create two-way communication. Encourage participation in the form of feedback, game play, viral and word of mouth marketing.

Immersive campaigns are designed around your customer’s life patterns. This means that you encourage user participation on an ongoing basis, through multiple platforms in many scenarios. This might mean incorporating mobile, social, online, print and in-store interactions that all function as integral parts of the same campaign. Create a continuous flow of information from your brand to your audience and back again.

Today’s audiences are hungry for great content, and they have a deep need to feel that they belong. An intelligently designed immersive campaign offers them both of these things. What do brands get in return? Enormous value. They get a consumer who believes in their brand. This generates word of mouth ambassadors, viral marketing effects, positive buzz surrounding the brand, and repeated and prolonged brand exposure.

What do you think? If you have some thoughts, give us a shout below.

Joe Bouch
CEO, 78Madison

Although based in Orlando-Winter Springs, Florida, 78Madison is doing work for amazing clients all over the United States. We’re here to assist with strategy, branding/immersion, creative, media, PR, digital, web, social and more. We invite you to a conversation.

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