With Christmas decorations hitting the storefront as early as late September, it just seems ike Thanksgiving doesn’t get the attention it deserves; I’m not really sure why. Maybe it’s because the holiday falls between Halloween and Christmas, two occasions people really put a lot of effort into. But for me, Thanksgiving is as good as it gets, and I have come up with some reasons why this, my friends, is THE HOLIDAY of holidays.

It’s a day where it is OK to grab a second (or third) plateful of all the traditional fixings. Wear a chunky sweater to hide your food baby and just tell yourself your diet starts the next day. I mean, is there remotely a better food eating holiday?

TWO, there’s so many leftovers.
Yum. Enough said.

THREE, Thanksgiving-themed TV specials
If you do decide to stay in on Wednesday, be thankful for the crazy-good holiday TV specials. From Charlie Brown Thanksgiving to the sappy Hallmark Thanksgiving specials, you’ve got a perfect evening in front of you.

FOUR, preparation for the big day
I don’t want to give you the impression that it is me doing any of the preparation – it’s usually my wife and daughter. But the baking. The cooking. The baking. The cooking. Oh my heavens, the aromas are intoxicating. It is truly hard to make it to the big feast without losing your mind.

FIVE, spending time with family
Yes, you’ll most likely run into awkward situations with your extended family (as you do every year). Don’t worry about work, what you have to get done the next day and why Aunt Alice keeps asking when you’re going to get engaged or give her a niece or nephew. Think of it as an annual family gathering with good food and good wine – lots of good wine,

SIX, Did I mention the food yet?

SEVEN, The Macy’s Day Parade
When else will you see giant balloon heads (and tiny bodies) floating across NYC, along with A-and-B-list singers belting out holiday tunes for 30 seconds? This has been a MUST-SEE tradition in our household forever.

EIGHT, football
Tradition is tradition. Eat. Lay on the couch. Football. Eat some more. Watch some more football.

NINE, Pumpkin Pie
As if we don’t love pumpkin enough in fall, we get to eat it in PIE form.

TEN, Black Friday and Cyber Monday
OK, it might be a bit different given the pandemic…but it is still a thing. Holiday shopping discounts galore – you don’t know where to go first. It’s almost like a sporting event.

ELEVEN, there are only 27 more days until Christmas
But who’s counting?

TWELVE, Florida
Florida in November is paradise. Just stay inside with all the windows open. Or Golf. Or lounge by the pool. Or whatever we do in Florida.

So there you go.

At this time of Thanksgiving, my hope is that all will pause to count their blessings. It’s been a couple of very rough years for all, but yes, we are blessed beyond reason. For all of these things I am deeply thankful. My best wishes to you and your family, and Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at 78Madison.

Joe Bouch

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