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Super Bowl ads are more than just breaks between gameplay during the biggest sporting event of the year: They offer a glimpse of the country’s mood, along with how major industries are faring, not to mention, down right fun!

When Super Bowl LVII kicked off Sunday night with the Kansas City Chiefs taking on the Philadelphia Eagles in Glendale, Arizona, big marketers were also ready to battle it out during the Fox broadcast as well. Their prize? The chance to capture the attention of more than 100 million viewers expected to tune in for the big game. This price of entry is steep: Some advertisers paid more than $7 million for a 30-second spot, and that doesn’t include the cost of making the ad itself.

This year, viewers experienced stars galore, light humor and catchy songs. For the most part, advertisers steered away from somber messages or outrageous humor that might have worked to capture attention in decades past, but not now, when the country is still emerging from the pandemic, facing economic uncertainty, and the war continues in Ukraine. And because of the difficult times, on the whole the ads were funny, or offered everyone a big group hug.

For 78Madison, who makes its living doing the AD thing, below are the brands we felt hit a home run. Of course like sports, the agency next door probably has a completely different list. But here they are in no order of priority…

Dunkin’ Donuts — ‘Drive-Thru’ Starring Ben
Ben Affleck surprises fans at a Dunkin’ Donuts drive-thru. Featuring a cameo from Jennifer Lopez. As Ben Affleck mans a Dunkin’ drive-thru, quizzing customers as to whether they recognize his face from anything, Jennifer Lopez rolls up to the window, asking her husband incredulously, “Is this what you do when you say you go to work?” As Ben makes his way outside to explain, J.Lo has one understandable demand: “Grab me a glazed.

Avocados from Mexico — Make it Better
What if Avocados replaced Apples? Scary Movie actress Anna Faris plays the biblical Eve in an ad for Avocados from Mexico that traces all the way back to the Garden of Eden. Fun. Gets the points across.

Squarespace — The Singularity
Adam Driver stars in this Squarespace ad where he ponders how Squarespace can be a website that makes other websites. This futuristic ad with Adam Driver explores the possibilities of the internet with website builder, Squarespace.

T-Mobile — New year. New Neighbor
John Travolta, Zach Braff, and Donald Faison team up for a Grease-themed musical about T-Mobile’s 5G home internet service – an ad extolling T-Mobile’s virtues as an Internet provider to the tune of Grease‘s “Summer Nights.” The commercial got a jolt of greased lightnin’ when John Travolta joined forces to ask the two to “tell me more, tell me more” about T-Mobile’s latest foray. Braff combed his hair like a greaser and Travolta showed off his still substantial pipes at the close of an ad that was hopelessly (and delightfully) devoted to nostalgia.

Pepsi Zero Sugar — Great acting or great taste?
Pepsi produced two complimentary ads called “Great acting or great taste?” They feature actor and comedian Steve Martin and comedian Ben Stiller separately portraying what’s real and what’s fake. Ben Stiller and Steve Martin sell their all-caps ACTING skills in the new ads for Pepsi Zero, making you wonder if the sugar-free soda’s new taste truly is life-changing or if they’re merely peerless thespians capable of making you believe anything.

Kia — Binky Dad
Maybe it’s because I’m a dad but this spot hit close to home and entertained. In this commercial a baby daddy goes beast mode to return his child’s “binky” pacifier, using the Kia Telluride X-Pro to do so while going viral.

Amazon — Saving Sawyer
If there was a commercial that went straight for the heartstrings in this year’s Super Bowl, it was this one, which should bring a tear to the eye of anyone who owns or has owned a dog in their life. It was a nice illustration of the lifelong bond between a very good boy — in this commercial a lab named Bear — and his owner.

Hellmann’s Mayonnaise
Putting Brie Larson and Jon Hamm in a refrigerator in place of brie cheese and ham is a good start to a commercial, but it’s Pete Davidson (he really is in everything, isn’t he?) who steals the show as owner of said fridge, with the line “I’m gonna eat you guys.” Funny delivery, and to his credit, the sandwich he makes out of the actual brie and ham looked really good.

Blue Moon
This is one of the few commercials that teased something fun weeks before the game and actually delivered. The fight choreography was fun and reminiscent of an extremely low-budget “Everything Everywhere All at Once” with ice, coasters and hot dogs being used as weapons. However, what really put this commercial over the top was the M. Night Shyamalan-ish twist at the end. The ad seemed headed toward a predictable draw between Coors Light and Miller Lite, which would have been a disgrace on the night of the Super Bowl. Then, at the last second, Blue Moon comes in out of nowhere to steal the entire commercial. What a twist!

Popcorners – Breaking Bad Reunion
This is how a Super Bowl commercial is supposed to be done, folks. Nearly every line is a reference to an iconic piece of dialogue from the show itself, and the commercial is already a home run before Tuco shows up, delivers his signature “Tight! Tight! Tight!” and insists on a seventh flavor.

Michelob Ultra – Ode to Caddyshack
In a minute-long ode to one of the greatest movies ever made, Serena Williams torments Brian Cox on New Members Day, and fans of Caddyshack will appreciate the many references from the film, all the way down to Tony Romo filling Bill Murray’s role as the groundskeeper. Unfortunately, the gopher does not make an appearance.



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