Strange question when it comes to the subject of marketing and creativity.  But in short, the answer is yes!  Unfortunately, most advertising agencies are not willing to endure the pain that it takes to end up in the right place on behalf of their clients.  So, what is good pain?

Good pain is not accepting the way it has always been done before.  It’s cleaning up your own house, no matter how it got that way.  Good pain is not being afraid to engage in rough and tumble conversations.  It’s changing the status quo because there is a better way of doing things.  Good pain is using your gut instincts and common sense and acting upon it.  It’s the belief that good honest debate gets us further along than “consensus”.   If your client says, “you are a pain to work with, but ultimately worth it,” then some good pain just occurred.

Good pain is a two-way street.  The marketing communications firm brings perseverance and craftsmanship, and the client shows open-mindedness and courage.  Good pain usually happens behind the scenes.  It’s not always what you see, but what you don’t see…the fight just to keep the emotional connection emotional.  Often it is not particularly fun, but the successful marketers find a way to embrace it.  They have figured out that on the other side of the good fight…the good pain…is inspired work.  It’s about keeping simple ideas simple…about leaving the comfort zone and moving into exciting new places.

It’s about throwing away a good idea in hopes of coming up with a better one.

Some food for thought.

Joe Bouch
CEO, 78Madison

78Madison is a full-service, Orlando, Florida-based marketing, digital, advertising, public relations, and social media agency, which serves businesses all over the country. Let’s start a conversation. or (407) 788-7070.

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