There is no more one-size-fits-all approach for businesses looking to engage with consumers. Some may opt to invest in addressable ads in linear TV programming, while others might lean into ad-supported video on demand platforms. For others, a mix of targeted email campaigns and paid social media spend might be more appropriate. The variations are...

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Most of us settle. Rather than pursue, we accept. Our lives become unwitting celebrations of passivity, whether living in Orlando, Florida or New York City. We undervalue our work and perceive ourselves as wage slaves; we consume compulsively, but don’t create; we wish for better lives and yet live vicariously through our smartphones and televisions....

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Understanding Your Marketing Technology Stack

Our staff got into a discussion recently on marketing technology stacks. Yes, you might be thinking, why would a boutique advertising agency like 78Madison even care about the subject. Is it even relevant to our clients? The simple answer is, of course it is.   Even if it’s only in the smallest of senses, what...

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Benefits of Using a PR Professional

Today’s public relations professionals have skills that propel them much further than the traditionally perceived media relations guru who can write a press release and has key media contacts.  The perception of those outside of the public relations industry is what has often leant itself to gratuitous criticism and unattainable results.   When deciding on whether or...

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