Digital Marketing



We understand that sometimes you bite off more than you can chew… We understand that some days you just can’t win… We understand that working hard seems to be getting harder… We understand meetings and deadlines and overtime… We understand that flights get delayed, and luggage gets lost… We understand that it’s hard to find...

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It’s All About The Story

Brands obsess about attention, and for good reason. A fractured media landscape makes it harder to get noticed, especially with attention spans getting shorter. Yet too many ads are trying too hard, and nothing pushes someone away more than desperation. Why are we still subjected to digital ad units that pop up and make it...

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Welcome to 78Madison

As many of you are aware, I bought the advertising agency I had been President of for ten years in 2014 and changed the name to 78Madison. Early on, while there were changes to how we conducted business philosophically, there was not a major shift in approach for our staff or clients. But now, eight...

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Strange question when it comes to the subject of marketing and creativity.  But in short, the answer is yes!  Unfortunately, most advertising agencies are not willing to endure the pain that it takes to end up in the right place on behalf of their clients.  So, what is good pain? Good pain is not accepting...

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When clients ask us to describe the most effective content that can be shared, I always give the answer “if you have the choice, tell emotional stories.” That answer is then followed up with the statement “Trust me, an emotional story will always leave a lasting impression.” From Dove’s “Real Beauty” and Procter & Gamble’s...

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Have you ever considered there are tens of thousands of businesses making many millions a year in profits that don’t give any real attention to things like twitter, blogs or Facebook? Are they all wrong? Have they missed out? Or is the joke really on us? Every day these successful companies do business through personal...

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